Statutes of the


§1 Name, Seat, and Fiscal Year of the Association

The association bears the name "Cannabis Social Club Dreiland" and, upon registration in the association register, will be supplemented with the suffix "e.V."

The seat of the association is Weil am Rhein.

The fiscal year is the calendar year.

§2 Purpose and Objectives

The association aims to promote education about cannabis and its responsible use.

It advocates for the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

The association is engaged in research and education in the field of cannabis.

It strives to create a safe and controlled environment for the cultivation and consumption of cannabis by its members.

§3 Membership

Any adult who supports the goals of the association can become a member.

The board decides on the admission of members.

Membership ends by resignation, expulsion, or death of the member.

§4 Rights and Obligations

Members have the right to participate in all events of the association and to use the facilities of the association.

They possess voting rights in the general meeting.

All members are obliged to pay the membership fee.

§5 Bodies of the Association

The bodies of the association are the general meeting and the board.

The general meeting is the highest decision-making body of the association.

The board is responsible for managing the current affairs.

§6 General Meeting

A regular general meeting takes place annually.

An extraordinary general meeting can be convened as needed.

The convocation is made by the board with a notice period of two weeks.

§7 Board

The board consists of the chairman, the deputy chairman, and the treasurer.

The board is elected by the general meeting for a term of two years.

The board represents the association in all judicial and extrajudicial matters.

§8 Amendments to the Statutes

Amendments to the statutes require a two-thirds majority in the general meeting.

Amendments must be registered with the competent registry court.

§9 Dissolution of the Association

The dissolution of the association is decided by a general meeting convened specifically for this purpose.

In the event of dissolution, the association's assets shall fall to another non-profit organization that advocates for the responsible use of cannabis.

§10 Data Protection

In the context of member administration, data from members are collected, processed, and used. This includes in particular the management of names, addresses, and payment of contributions.

All personal data are treated in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Members have the right to information about their stored data, correction in case of inaccuracies, and deletion if the association's purpose allows it.

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