Frequently Asked Questions about the Social Cannabis Club Dreiland

About the Club

What is the Cannabis Social Club Dreiland?

The Cannabis Social Club Dreiland promotes responsible use of cannabis through a community that includes both consumers and non-consumers interested in the subject. Members enjoy access to safe, high-quality cannabis in compliance with the current legal situation in Germany.

Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of membership?

Members benefit from legal access to controlled, high-quality cannabis, educational events about cannabis, and exchange in an informed, responsible community.

Legality and Responsibility

Is the consumption of cannabis now legal in Germany?

Yes, through legalization, we can offer our members cannabis legally. We advocate for informed and safe use of cannabis.

How is responsible use of cannabis promoted?

Through education and strict guidelines for consumption within the community, we place great emphasis on safety and the well-being of all.

Support and Contributions

How can I support the club?

Engagement on social media, political activity to promote legalization, and financial support through membership fees are welcome.

Why is an initial contribution required?

The contribution finances necessary equipment and premises for the production of cannabis and covers the first annual membership.

Membership Changes

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes, members can cancel their membership after a minimum term of 3 months. Formal notification to the administration is required. Pauses are possible for specific situations, such as extended travels. Details are regulated by the membership agreements.

Legality of Cannabis Social Clubs

Are Cannabis Social Clubs now legal in Germany?

With the legalization of cannabis, these clubs have received a legal basis to offer their members cannabis under strict conditions.

Do Cannabis Social Clubs have a positive impact on the black market?

Yes, they offer a legal, controlled alternative and can thus contribute to the reduction of the black market.

Are there concerns regarding the clubs?

Despite many advantages, there are challenges regarding cultivation, distribution, and safety, which we address through strict guidelines and cooperation with authorities.

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FAQ häufige Fragen Hilfe

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